We return our attention to the London based enigmatic pop crooner Belgrave whose wafting lament delivered, sonic enveloped arranged tracks to date, have had us under a spell of dappled electronic allure triggered with his truly achingly projected vocals at the helm of all things.

From Belgrave’s intriguing beginnings we have in as much found out that the singer/songwriter has been working on the material that goes forward as his debut EP “Echoes” with none other than Ellie Goulding, FKA Twigs, Marina and The Diamonds producer and founder of 90’s indie pop outfit Sneaker Pimps, Liam Howe. Dropping names like these I feel only adds to the magnetic dynamic of curiosity surrounding the mysterious performer.

Leading into the “Echoes” EP release, we are at least now given some visual introduction into the think-tank of dark intrigue that belies all that we’ve come to expect from Belgrave thus far.

Retaining his ambiguity Belgrave sings of being in a state of bittersweet turmoil in a pensively introspective manner on the sonic lit lead single “Dancing In The Silence”.

We may not yet be knowing fully of who exactly Laurie Belgrave is but, at least we do now know he can hold our attention in a video with his model smouldering gaze as he goes about putting demons rest, as much as he has us spellbound by his poignant heartfelt sonic pop balladeering.