Monarchy 1

It’s almost time for a new electronic masterpiece from Monarchy to be with us, as of late the veiled duo have been diligently working around the clock to nail down a further collection of sonically developed treats.

Whilst, we might pause to remember that most recently the synth-pop mavens came through with a more diversely approached body work, delivered as the experimentally darker “Almost Human” EP, which we maybe might consider as being some leading insight into Monarchy’s next chapter.

From the currently active Pledge Music funded campaign, sophomore album “Abnocto” translated from latin as “to stay up all night” is one that is conjunctly being brought to fruition through Monarchy’s listener’s involvement. And in an aptly co-ordinated time ordered fashion, as the pledge funded enterprise has just reached it’s half-way goal, the momentum has as of now shifted to the now favoured phase of digital album pre-order / instant taster track download.

The duo have chosen to guide us into “Abnocto” with a woozily sensual mid-tempo fix of some sonically bearing design called “Dancing In The Corner”. A sexy slow jam built of vibrating, electronic padding which further culminates in a sensuous audio/visual experience sought via the Sia method of casting contemporary dancers to deeply and actively interpret via a sinuous flow of movement.

As with Monarchy’s productions, of course it’s better than your average, sure it has broody undertones but outwardly the vision of “Dancing In The Corner” comes through moreover, with a core made up of warmth and soul.