Glorious Inc
The Swedes are at it again, fun pop duo Glorious Inc take their juicy dance beats to the next level in collaboration with French producer Aron Scott.

The ever glamorous Tommy and Veronika try out something new (don’t they always!) in fourth single “Cut The Cord”, it’s heavy on the piano for one thing and in another twist it brazenly manages to flash forward into a house stomper, broken in parts with a spoken interlude.

Under the guise of anyone else it would probably turn out a trifle over mix-mashed in a standard 3 ½ minute format but this is Glorious Inc and they have the knack of turning the implausible into a pop worthy enough tune, and they have done so again on “Cut The Cord”.

If in any doubt just dip it in some neon house rave and everything will be enthusiastically banging poppers o’clock.