The comeback of indie legends Gossip last week has brought exciting news for music lovers. With Beth Ditto and her band back in action, we can expect a flood of captivating music videos. Woohoo! Gossip has always been known for its authentic music, and the music videos are no exception. In fact, I was so excited to watch their latest “Crazy Again” music video that I skipped listening to their new track first and dived right in for a viewing. Bearing in mind – I’ve had an eleven-year wait. Can you blame my eagerness?

With their latest single, “Crazy Again,” Gossip proves that they haven’t lost their touch. The band’s authentic sound has always been a hallmark of their music, and this latest release is no exception.

“The song is actually about being in love and feeling so safe” Ditto says

Lead singer Beth Ditto’s soft and tender vocals are a departure from her previous soulful or fierce pop diva efforts. Yet amid the chug of indie guitar, the warm and fuzzy feeling of an emotional narrative is evident.

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Announced with the single release. The band is set to release their sixth album, “Real Power,” which was produced by Rick Rubin. The new album came about after the band celebrated the 10th anniversary of “Music For Men” in 2019 their previous Rubin produced album. Subsequently Rick convinced them to reunite, and the pandemic may have also played a role in inspiring them to create a new album.

Furthermore, returning to the “Crazy Again” video, directed by Cody Critcheloe. It is a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and self-confidence. In the clip, Beth takes on the role of a weatherwoman, and although we can’t hear her broadcast due to the song playing, the subtitles add a distinctive sweary, no-filter layer of authenticity to the character.

In the video, there’s this crazy pink lady that seems to represent a product of Ditto’s mind. She exudes confidence and a sense of comfort in her own skin that is both admirable and entertaining to watch. There are a few manic scenes that lead up to a bitch slap, which although not something to condone, elicited a gasp/laugh reaction from me. The video concludes at a Gossip gig, leaving viewers wondering if they have been swimming around in Ditto’s mind all along.

Summing up. Unless you watch the video of “Crazy Again,” for yourselves it’s difficult to believe. Although, personally, I can’t wait to watch more of these wonderfully bizarre yet entertaining music videos from Gossip in the upcoming months. Bring it on!

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