I am quite unapologetic in this! I am returning to Sam Sure’s recent track “Cracks” because the magnetic pull of his artistry as a new artist, well it’s got me firmly of the belief that he’s on a trajectory of some future acclaim.

I don’t count myself alone in this thinking as the vibes circulating within the industry are beginning to cause a ripple effect of endorsements. The catalyst being the signing with Black Butter Records which has lead to radio play, a tour support slot with Years & Years, with the most recent support coming in from the video hosting platform Vevo who have selected Sam as one of their considered hotly emerging new acts that they will host as a showcase at The Great Escape festival.

So Sam Sure now has two reasonably widely received tracks to his name “Hunger” and “Cracks” and I feel reinforcement of his “one to watch” stature is sure to come in another official single release soon enough.

First before all of this, comes Sam’s arrival on the visual launchpad, since it’s most current track “Cracks” which is on the receiving end acting as first promotional video.

Suiting the introspective themes of the lyrics, unsurprisingly the clip is filtered heavily towards the black-scale of the colour spectrum. Simplistic in its outlook, with Sam concentrated on as the main point of focus but clearly captured by a savvy cinematographer who has seen to it to edit the clip with maximum engaging effect. It therefore
serves purpose as a more than compellingly coercive introduction.

Sam not only sounds so good, he totally looks the part too!

Good things will come of all of this, I’m convincingly sure of it.

If you are similarly like me in thinking that Sam is likely to pull some weight in new music this year and beyond, Hunger Magazine have an insightful interview with the rising talent that it well worth having a look into.

FREE DOWNLOAD “Cracks” by Sam Sure (Via Annie Mac Presents Soundcloud)