elliphant 2

It’s taken a while for Swedish MC/Singer Elliphant to make an impact with me, she’s now cut through my undecided resolve with her latest hipster pop offering “Could It Be” though.

Elinor Olovosdotter as Elliphant presents her livewire character through a contemporary approach of synth beats, urban hip-pop with a general streak of surly attitude that has seen her inked recently with pop mogul Dr. Luke.

Undeniably “Could It Be” is Elliphant’s most broadly pop friendly release to date, much owing to the driving bassline that roots itself into the consciousness in tune with the playful manner in which the vocals are given out.

Further take on board the lyrics and video depiction of the effects of Elliphant being wronged in love. Sheezus did she have to mention curdled milk though? Imparting my advice to churn over to a new beginning by flipping those pancakes when she finds them in the residual, sunny side-up.