Demi Lovato

Say Demi Lovato’s well and truly put her Disney days behind her then!

Whoa now, before I go any further. The hype on “Cool For The Summer” has been set to fever pitch levels and I very much hoped that the video on this was going to hold up as strongly as the toptastic track itself.

I’d say so much that Demi has pretty much nailed it on all points of focus on this one.

The track on its stand-alone merit is nestling at the interstellar top end of anything pop-centric that has bothered us this year FACT!

Sincerely for the first time in my life I’m paying attention to Demi Lovato and I guess I’m not alone in being lured in by the risqué lyrics dropped in observed tribute to same-sex liasions, causal in this instance or long standing ones for that matter.

What remains to be said on this, is that Demi and all her girl pals look FIRE. I mean Demi exudes the demeanour of a seductress and if she and her girlfriends are going to strap themselves into as little clothing as they can possibly manage to uphold the provocative look all in support of the getting with one of their own sexual kind in preference. I feel we should in no way have a problem with this at all, basically in reinforcing the narrative it really couldn’t have played out visually in any other way.

Quite honestly overnight after this, Demi’s gonna be like everybody’s girl crush isn’t she?