Icelandic artist Máni Orrason is somebody who doesn’t care to be pegged to any one style of music. He is the definition of a pop chameleon in this respect. I am often notified when he releases new material. Although, as yet, stopped short at posting about him. His powerful pop songs are rather explosive and filled with punk attitudes. At other times he digs into indie-pop or electronic styles more. While it wouldn’t be obvious, the latest track out, gloomily titled “Coffin“, falls into the latter category with an added touch of 80s allure.

At first, I struggled and found it confusing to grasp what Mani is trying to get across in this track. I’m glad that he released the music video when he did and that it acts as a guide. The more I immersed myself into both the glorious indietronica vibes of the track and the stylish music video. I realise Mani is slipping into different guises.

“I love the romance of the rockstar,” Orrason explains. “When I was getting into music, I was obsessed with these larger than life, untouchable figures; they showed me that you can do whatever and be whoever.”

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In the track “Coffin,” he is inspired by the paranoia of The Truman Show and his own duality. This is a potent mix to explore. And does link back to the pop chameleon persona I had assumed about Mani. As he embraces going through a variety of character changes, this is where he notes…

“I felt like I was starting to live this realised fantasy version of myself, and people were reacting to this person I was portraying. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be that person”, he declares.

The fact that I love this track isn’t in doubt. If he can create more tracks like “Coffin” please, I’ll be more than happy.

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