Disney channel may be a launching point for a number of pop stars. Yet, when an artist hits a certain age you see this metamorphosis as they begin to shed their happy family friendly stereotypes you get to really see what they’re made of. For Nick Jonas coming off a stellar 2015, and a brand new album due out 10 June, he’s off to show us he’s not a boy anymore with his latest video ‘Close’ Ft. Tove Lo

The unseen forces will never keep two lovers separated. Be careful! You feel a connection to the romance Nick Jonas is bringing to the one he loves instantly once the melody of ‘Close’ hits your eardrum. I mean, that classic Nick Jonas falsetto! Next thing you know, in comes Tove Lo. If anyone knows how to bring out really emotional vocals out of the heartthrob it’s her. There hasn’t been a song that really brings out the fearful emotions of love to the public eye. Through moody vocal stylings and a gentle ballad like melody with a hint of Caribbean drums you’re taken on a true journey of the magic and the madness of love.

“I want you close, Cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close”

How can you display these powerful forces if you cannot see them? ‘Close’ uses the analogy of fear to keep lovers apart. Once a taste of darkness hits the lover’s, the chairs in an airplane hangar quickly separate. When the walls of fear begin to drop, the chairs become close and things get a little steamy! The clothes begin to come off, one by one. Now, don’t think that it’s going to get NSFW… you’re fine!  By taking influence from the likes of Sia, a little modern dance can turn up the sensuality without getting too raunchy.  The dancing brings out those romantic emotions without having to use an excessive video budget as well. Quite the artistic representation of the forces of love that not even a rocket scientist could explain.

You won’t see that on the Disney Channel!