Hayley Kiyoko

We have been charting every development that has sprung forward out of Actress / singer Hayley Kiyoko’s “This Side Of Paradise” EP debut. It’s fair to say, in doing so, that the all round talented one has delivered a consummate performance package of popular bred music and insightful visuals.

Currently hitting the screens in the remake of Jem and the Holograms, we might have been forgiven for assuming that Hayley would be more busied up with promotion of the film, than putting on the director’s hat again, herself and self-directing another pop video vignette as further feature to the “This Side Of Paradise” series.

If you remember, Hayley previously jumped into the directorial hotseat on the recent summertime release of the LGBT empowering “Girls Like Girls”. This time out, Hayley not only features in a behind the scenes role, she’s in front of the camera as well.

In continuation of the same love theme, latest release “Cliffs Edge” is given a romantic storyline. Concentrating upon the highs and lows of a relationship which ultimately through a winding course of emotions hits upon the point where to make any headway of clarity, it might prove prudent to stand aside a little to achieve a better perspective in all matters, going forwards revived and learned.

On the face of it “Cliffs Edge” comes over as a more than sweet pop song, but to truly bring the meaning behind the lyrics right out of its bubblegum bright arena, the song package complete with visual are part and parcel to the overall cohesive merit that this bright pop effort needs.