Was a seven-year wait worth it? Former Disney queen Hilary Duff makes her return to the music scene with the release of “Chasing The Sun“, the first single off her upcoming studio album under new record deal with RCA Records.

Chasing The Sun” is a Colbie Caillat-written, carefree track for the summer lovers that showcases the artist returning to her bubblegum pop roots, instead of focusing on the heavy dance inspiration found of her last full length studio album. With an early Sheryl Crow vibe, a bouncy guitar-driven intro and heartwarming lyrics, the new single creates a safe yet honest comeback for the singer/actress.

I’m chasing the sun, won’t miss out on the fun, gotta get it when our hearts are young,” Duff sings on the cheerful chorus. Though the new effort clocks in at less than three minutes, there is no escaping the adorable, laid-back nature of the slightly folk-ier, adult contemporary pop track.

The single’s accompanying music video was also shared, on the same day as the song’s official release. Portraying an “adult version of Lizzie McGuire”, Duff is shown in her boring, pedestrian office job while fantasizing about her time on the beach with a gorgeous male. Highlighting the balance of her dorky, clumsy personality and elegant beauty, the visual perfectly sums up the character millions of pre-teens fell in love with when Duff ruled the airwaves in the mid-00s.

Chasing The Sun” is a catchy, cute song that brings promise to Hilary Duff‘s anticipated fifth studio album, set for a release this fall.