The new track by Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Fractures, is, soothingly, good. Fractures (aka Mark Zito) offers up dreamy, wistful tracks which make full use of his soft, captivating voice. Nonetheless, his use of intelligent, meaningful lyrics are every bit, wholly mesmerising as his charming vocals. Teaming up with Philadelphia singer-songwriter ROZES on the track is a stroke of good fortune. Not only does she provide a warmly inviting complement to Mark’s soothing strokes both production-wise and in his vocals. She adds a further flourish of spellbinding, bliss to the overall dynamic of the song.

“Pop music influences a lot of my decisions no matter what music I write, especially in my melodies,” says Mark Zito of Fractures. “My collaboration with ROZES on “Chains” really exemplifies this. There’s a power in her voice, that’s undeniable and in my case, inimitable. The combination of the two of us adds a dimension to my music that I haven’t explored enough.”

Chains” is about an abrupt end and reflecting on what came before it, stuck between moving on and holding out hope. The track is littered with nautical references to being out at sea and uses metaphors, such as anchor, vessel and capsize, to relay the heart-rending ending to this affectingly, poignant story. Similarly, in the music video, we see Fractures venture onto a soul-seeking trip. In search of answers and a quiet place to gather his thoughts. The clip follows the singer into a forest clearing. A place where he reflects upon life and its complexities. A fitting use of mirrors is also wholly indicative of looking at problems from different perspectives.

Fractures is scaling new heights on “Chains.” “It feels like a new direction for me but ultimately it’s something I’ve always had up my sleeve.” Fractures, further adds of the song.

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