Allie X 1

Photo: Logan White

Canadian indie-pop artist Allie X could rightly be considered as one of last year’s more intriguing emerging artists, the type you might easily become infatuated with even, owing to her enigmatic online persona and cult like persuasion brought on by communicating in her own visually developed language of “X”.

The flickering GIF suited visuals aside, let’s remember that Allie X showcased 3 notably arrived synth-pop orchestrated tracks in total, backed of sugary pop melodies stemmed with underlying contoured visions of lyrically dark content. The first being introduced as the incandescently buzzing track “Catch”, which certainly was catch(y) by name, and catchy in nature!

Fast forward a year in time, the surreally weird and wonderful “Catch” video companion is now here and along with it (more importantly so to my mind) news of a substantial Allie X official release: -“CollXtion 1” formed of 7 tracks in number which is scheduled to fully impact upon us in April .

The time is upon us now to embrace this freakishily arty eccentricity. In quite the same way we have become suckered into cult TV shows. Even if we can’t fully understand what is going on here, you certainly can’t knock Allie X for her provocatively crafted ingenuity.