Jessica Sutta

We at EQ have always thought that dance pop babe Jessica Sutta is made of sugar and spice and all things nice. To us she appears total sweetness enough.

What’s a girl to do when video promoting her latest discotastic banger, when it’s sugarcoated with the title of “Candy”? I’d say with that directive Jessica should just go with the sucrose flow and wholly embrace her inner-kid entering a candy shop stuffed to the rafters of naughty but nice sugary treats, that’s what!

With that in mind, it’s not everyday you’d be seeing Jessica Sutta swinging on a candy cane or spinning atop a peppermint lollipop afterall! Ah all the things that some sweet dreams are made of.

Jessica has indeed seen to dish herself up as all the above in a complete sugar rush of dextrose disco dance performance, to which one view of this sweet treat overload is enough to have me reaching for the Colegate and floss, it’s so wickedly but deliciously confectionary challenged.

If like us you’re chomping for more “Candy” from Jessica, you’re in luck as in a move to gear us up for the upcoming release of debut album “Feline Resurrection” complete sweetie-pie that she is has also made it into a FREE DOWNLOAD.

FREE DOWNLOAD “Candy” by Jessica Sutta