We Came To Bang” chants electro pop priestess Luciana

They’ll be no further questioning of that, as we feel quite comfortably assured that assertively confident Luciana is every bit true to her word!

For the most part we are accustomed to seeing Luciana playing up front for a highly notable DJ ,“We Came To Bang” does not differ in this respect since, the ‘weLuciana is referring too introduces her kick-ass collaborator on this track, Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label attributed, progressive-house DJ signing 3LAU.

Listening experience tells us, if you’re going up against the likes of Luciana, you’ve sure as hella got be raging hard with stroking up them beats some. 3LAU sets out to prove that he’s more than master enough of his electro created universe of hybrid bombasting EDM.

Like most Luciana videos too, it is a bit of an off-the-wall kind of watch, specifically in the circumstances of this one, if you especially like rabbit’s or chicken’s, or humans dressing themselves up as rabbits or chickens who are intent on setting the fur flying by staging a fight of mascot duelling. Let’s just say it does get messy with some blood shed.

Whilst the outright winner in this complete scenario is electronic music of course, there can only be one animal-suited winner so will it be the chicken that comes first or chicken for dinner?…………..