ellie-goulding-burnI didn’t think we’d hear back from Ellie so quickly, but, I am glad this is happening. Ellie Goulding is re-releasing “Halcyon”for us in August and “Burn” is the lead single – and, it’s on fire! Sticking to the dark/bittersweet pop sound of “Halcyon”, “Burn” is the perfect lead single when re-releasing this iconic record.

I bet you didn’t know this, but the original version of “Burn” was recorded by Leona Lewis for “Glassheart”, but it didn’t make the album cut. But you know what they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s gold – But, “Burn” isn’t exactly garbage is it. It’s a masterpiece. Look at Ellie in this video, I can just feel the “Katy Perry Fireworks” going on in this little film. Don’t you?

I am really excited about the re-release of “Halcyon”. The album was the number #3 spot on my favourite albums of 2012 and I am still burn-ing for it!! Something tells me that an additional ten songs on the album will delight even the most skeptic of Ellie Goulding fans.