Last week Charli XCX gave us new music in the run-up to her forthcoming sophomore album “Sucker“, the punchy no-holds barred anti-pop anthem “Break The Rules” and now here she is once more shooting the video to us super quick.

Due to the nature of the song, the visual treatment was always going to be a safe bet at containing some rowdy school themed antics, and on that account Charli and her school pal entourage do not disappoint, as they strut, pout, rebel and bunk off school by taking a shopping trip out to a lingerie store, cuz their sassy as hella you know.

All the preening and attitude make their way to the prom night (if you squint a bit you might catch sight of Actress Rose McGowan and Kitten (the band) front-woman Chloe Chaidez in cameo there), where you can be sure that there is a teacher on the look-out to pour cold water on any inappropriate behaviour, but in this case there is no water, not even an ice bucket in sight, but seems there is a bucket of blancmange left over from school dinner still knocking about and you guessed it party hard Charli gets it poured over her noggin!