Neon Jungle

Emerging artists Neon Jungle couldn’t be accused of making generic pop, right from their pounding initial sound byte of “Trouble” this summer, Shereen, Asami, Jess and Amira have been quick to show out their radical take on pop.

Believe us when we say these foxes like to brazenly drop it like it’s hot, they’re not ones to shy away from causing a commotion. Throw a genre bending monster heavy bass line at them and they’ll take it on with an equal display of feisty vocal gusto, spin them some techno and they’ll instantly morph into club divas, hit on them with a spliced riff of quirky tech sound and they’ll rap their way over it, which is all very well and good as believe it or not it pretty much sums up Neon Jungle’s soon to be massive new single “Braveheart”.