So, obviously, I think it is a little too early to bring up the topic of Eurovision as yet. That being said, I have been casting my eyes and ears over most of the song selection processes thus far. Although, Felix Sandman’s entry into the Sweden Melodifestivalen has gotten me into somewhat of a dilemma of whether to hold off from writing about it or lose out on it entirely. You know what, I love this track. Felix had plenty of heat on him even before Sweden’s annual song contest began. I am not entirely sure why favour has since plummeted on the song or what it is that has everyone switching over to “Bulletproof” from Dotter, but I remain convinced “Boys With Emotions” from Felix would be far a better choice.

Inside I am screaming because the gaze of Eurovision would do wonders for this track. The message it brings about, urging boys not to be scared to speak out and embrace their feelings is more of a widespread necessity than an issue being raised to just be kept close to home. I’ll be so mad if this year’s eventual winning song of the whole Eurovision competition turns out to be one with a less valid theme and importance than this song. There I said it!.

Regardless of whether Felix is honoured as a wild-card, by way of an eleventh-hour, lifeline during the closing stages of the Melodifestivalen. I am getting behind “Boys With Emotions” now, anyways. It would be such a waste to see this catchy pop track go underappreciated. Besides, the former FO&O boyband member has really undergone an evolution in his artistry of late, especially so with “Boys With Emotions.” He has had a taste of success before, but maybe this is the beginning of something much bigger for Felix. Whatever fate hands, I am hopeful that his stint in Eurovision will boost his international presence and we might have a very good new pop artist in our sights.

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