Photo by: Pamela Littky

When it comes to the twin Canadian duo Tegan and Sara, when you add a special pop ingredient to an already great pair of musicians, you get a recipe for something amazing. Today, the twins have baked up something for our eyes and ears; it will delight all your poptastic taste buds stronger than the most delectable food porn. This is Tegan and Sara’s latest video ‘Boyfriend.’

Wow, have these two gone through such a metamorphosis since I first caught wind of them in 2005. ‘Boyfriend’ is the most 80s pop infused song that Tegan and Sara have ever put out.  The upbeat-bop filled track confronts the unfortunate truth behind a woman that was cheating on her boyfriend with Sara.  The woman had never been with a woman before dating her. The song carries heavy emotions of unrequited love in the lyrics. As they sing “I don’t want to be your secret anymore,” you feel that they just want to take this love even further but it requires the lover to make the leap into love.

The accompanying video is very creative for a song that has a very open meaning. You could take it in a direct manner by showing a relationship happening, but of course Tegan and Sara didn’t! Taking place as they were setting up a photo shoot, you see the struggles of someone (the shoot director) who is trying to get the look of everything just right.  Then the stress just tends to build until the director falls under the pressure. Consoled by one of the sisters, the director is able to continue to finish the shoot. The theme is perfectly married in the way that they just want things to turn out perfect in a relationship. All, they need or want is just that other person to console them and let them know that they love them or anything/everything will be alright in the end.