Jessi Malay 2

No stranger to the club circuit, Jessi Malay’s sultry and sassy groove sensation “Bougie” has picked up some serious buzz since it peeked through online earlier this year and in-turn has gone on to receive increasing spins in the clubs and on the radio.

Former lead singer of girl group No Secrets, Jessi combines her creative passions for music, dance and fashion, which culminate in the infectious bombastic dance pop jam “Bougie”.

In essence “Bougie” consists of one big repetitive hook, werk’d over with an undercurrent of Brazilian flavour through its highly rhythmic patter of simulated drum beats and samba styling.

Insanely catchy in its affect. What Madonna was to “Vogue”, Jessi Malay brings the hotness through via “Bougie”.

Ay caramba!, true to her artistically bred nature watch Jessi styling and twerking it over, and over and over, bumping her booty to the scorchio “Bougie” beat.