DJ Jellyfish

I’m casting my little bit of credibility aside a minute, because you know, I’m feeling the urge to report on something more on the lighter entertainment side of life!

Besides, a weeks worth of constructive music reviews and no fun times makes Mandy a dull blogger!

OK so give me strength after “Gangnam Style”, what we have here is an attempt at starting off a new dance craze. Now I don’t usually cave in on supporting these kind of dance tracks that get pulled out most commonly at the midnight run of a Wedding Reception, when everyones too inebriated to give two cares to the world and the dad dancing has reached peak embarrassment level. Don’t hate on me too much for quite liking “Boom Boom Jellyfish” honest to goodness because of what it stands for in voluptuous body image awareness.

The message put out by DJ Jellyfish is love the skin your in! Or as DJ Jellyfish puts it: “When you dance, it’s just one world! FAT or skinny, round or tall, everyone loves to shake their boom-boom