Wilder Daze 1

A recent visit to Paris had Brooklyn singer / songwriter / recording artist Wilder Daze a little hot under the collar. The aspiring pop star not only became embroiled in the charismatic allure of the city, he embarked on a whirlwind romance that took flight all too briefly under the capital’s dreamy candlelit skies.

A fate that I’m sure has seen many fleeting encounters of the loved-up kind in the proclaimed ‘city of love’.

As when the forces of sexual chemistry, spontaneity and urgency come together, the sparks ignite for 50 shades of torrid passion, only condensed by time.

As life experiences go, the thrill of the moment though, tends to leave a lasting impact and even these considered tempestuous actions can ultimately alter the course of where you thought, you knew, you might be headed.

Such affairs of the heart are a songwriter’s staple source of lyrical narrative and Wilder Daze is no different in wanting to share something of his liaison in and with Paris.

In doing so, Wilder Daze visually documents the essence of such chemistry both carnal and in the sense of thrill of adventure in travel. Aided by a lilting retro tuneful melody, Wilder Daze shares poetically candid lyricism of his personal experiences, which are both touching and relatable on all levels.