If you haven’t heard of Stela Cole yet, this is your opportunity to become acquainted with this artist on the rise. As a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, she’s been making waves with her latest trilogy of releases. When prompted to check out the track “Blood Orange Wine.” I was spellbound at first listen by her smoky vocals, which are on par with industry powerhouses like Sia, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus. But what really sets Stela apart is her musical evolution. In the instance of her new tracks. These showcase a completely different side of her artistry, full of fresh energy and talent. If you’re looking for new music to add to your rotation, don’t miss out on Stela Cole’s latest work. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

In this instance, Stela’s press team played a pivotal role in bringing the track “Blood Orange Wine” to my attention. I suspect this was because this song stands out from other releases as it leans further into indie-pop stylings, with an accent on pop. And that this styling, in particular, allowed me to connect with Stela’s music through this release. Stela’s musical artistry is prominently on display in this track, from the instrumentation to the vocals. Furthermore, the song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics showcase Stela’s notable ability to create music that resonates with listeners.

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The press release, states “Stela Cole used 2023 to address her mental health, exit her label deal, black out her profiles, delete the apps, and trade doom scrolling for her guitar, the studio, and her favourite records”. Further adding, “Stela has meticulously crafted a sonic world inspired by Fleetwood Mac, The Mama’s and Papa’s, Tame Impala, The Eagles, Arctic Monkeys and more”.

The track “Blood Orange Wine” exudes a distinct sense of nostalgia, which is seamlessly woven into its visual representation. The series of music videos and vignettes, featuring co-star Noah Gonzalez and directed by Eliot Lee, effectively encapsulate this concept. Serving as the final instalment of a trilogy – “Blood Orange Wine” provides the missing piece that completes the overarching narrative established in the preceding releases “Die Hard” and “Midnight Killer.” The standalone clip evokes a palpable feeling of danger, adding depth to the overall experience.

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