Little Mix 1

In the short time in which Little Mix have returned and unleashed their new single “Black Magic” all of a week ago, I have to say the popfectious track seems cannily able to deliver more fizz with every accountable play.

Now the visual is out as well, I can only see that the sparkling melody and gleaming harmonies together, take “Black Magic” out of the league of ordinary and into that of a premiumly spun pop dimension.

So there is a cute, school boy gets school girl storyline which takes up the batten of content for the “Black Magic” video, and the mixers get a nerdy makeover but still manage to out sizzle their rummage sale stylized wardrobes!

With a little bewitching intervention, the four pop princesses are transformed back into their usual glamourous selves but they seem to have become gifted with spellbinding powers which they immediately put to work in reversing some wrong doings by their classmates, because quite rightly so Little Mix are all about the fair play.