Since we first became aware of Maddie Ziegler through her accomplished performance on Sia’sChandelier” video last year, and ever since we have been simply captivated by the youngsters consummate artistic output of truly outstanding work.

We have watched in awe of Ziegler’s highly expressive performances as Sia’s muse carried through “Chandelier” and more controversially on “Elastic Heart”, as we enter into the final part of the visual trilogy promised by Sia, Ziegler reprises her role for a third time interpreting the big emotively tormented power track “Big Girls Cry”.

Sia penned her “1000 Forms of Fear” and Ziegler has acted as a canvas that can make you feel 1000 different emotions at lightening speed with just a blink of an eye or a shake of the head. When she strings all of these expressions together it is nothing short of astonishing.

Maddie is just something else she doesn’t even have to dance in this video to give us a performance of a lifetime.

Give this young lady an Oscar already!