Sizzy Rocket

Yes people still make pop video’s like this, well at least sass pot Sizzy Rocket has chosen to do so anyways!

As an artist, Sizzy isn’t a new name to me at all as she’s literally been pumping out her bodacious brand of ballsy pop offerings for a few years now actually. However, what came before was very much preparatory work for the second coming as it were of Sizzy Rocket, as back then she quite saw herself as pushing the frontiers of space pop armed with glitter, spray paint and sporting nothing but her bra, her favourite black jeans and Doc Martens.

To a certain extent the image remains but the music itself has definitely gone up a gear in that even though it stays true to Sizzy’s original formula of tongue-in-cheek meets in-your-face narratives it is far more ear friendly this time around, quite possibly on account that this lead single “Bestie” has been produced by Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters.

Seriously you’ll probably see every visual euphemism and innuendo from ages old appear before your eyes but we have to bear in mind through it’s more than colourful aerobicized character, that there is the importance of a feminist taking a stance and delivering a skit which is very much outlined in format of a parody playing upon pop culture and queer cynicism.

For all its frutiness we aborbs it when girls get with girls and when all said and done also, “Bestie” is quite a TUNE that spilleth over with more than a shake, shake of electro-pop bracing capacity.