It has been way too long since I last heard the beautifully lovely Francine Belle sing solo. Five years ago she performed a breathtaking set of her own work at an EQ Music Live event. I can tell you from first hand, the power in this ladies voice is phenomenal. When she is on stage, eyes will not stray from looking at her. She is every bit as stunning, as her voice. Here we are a few years down the line, where thankfully she is ready to unleash her debut single “Beautiful Heights” and is also in the midst of putting together her debut album for 2019 release.

Francine has definitely got a soulful tone to her voice. She is so masterful at conveying pockets of emotion in her song lyrics into a larger, and emotionally direct style of performance. Her exquisite single has a heavy accent on vocal harmonising and layering. And her voice is used as a tool throughout. The track has been mixed and mastered by Ed Boyer and Bill Hare who have worked with world-renowned American acapella group Pentatonix. Ben Bram who also arranges for the band has helped with vocals and arrangement on “Beautiful Heights.”

Francine really couldn’t be giving us a better introduction to the capabilities of her voice than to present it as she is so doing, at it’s purest on this track. “This song came to me in a dream almost fully formed – chorus melody and lyrics. I rolled over in bed grabbed my phone and recorded the voice-note, before promptly falling back asleep. I think I still have the voice-note, with yawns in it and everything” says the singer. From her dreamy slumbers, came an elegantly classy pop song which also has an equally stylish music video. The beauty from within the visual shines out in the backdrop of powder blue and pastel pink hues. A striking balance between blissful imagery meets with the comparatively stripped back song. Nothing stands in the way of the song’s delicate allure hitting home, ultimately allowing the gorgeous melody to (sun)burst through. Let this captivating video draw you in and never let go.

Connect with Francine Belle
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefrancinebelle/
Twitter: @Francine_Belle
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francine_belle/