I don’t mind telling you I was a little taken aback by the latest song from American band The Night Game, “Bad Girls Don’t Cry” because I wasn’t expecting it to be ringing with a great load of synths and overall upbeat poppiness. Especially, when previous singles have gravitated towards, the pop/rock end of the music spectrum. However, this little song from Martin Johnson, aka The Night Game has been, well received when played live, on tour and become a firm fan favourite in the process. Not surprisingly because it is a real groover that is sure to have an audience dancing in the aisles.

Stylistically, the song takes the best bits from the signature melodic traits, funk styled beats, and riff-heavy melodies as worked by Penguin Prison and Chromeo. Adding The Night Game touch, to this song has certainly, made it shine out baying for attention. So it’s been released and has been given some visual treatment which works to the band’s power pop image.

“I’ve never been one for the whitewashed past, or white lies of a saint. I’ve always preferred the honest outlaw.” Johnson tells of “Bad Girls Don’t Cry” and a chance encounter, with a woman he met in Las Vegas who inspired him to write the song “When I asked about her past she looked me in the eye and said, “bad girls don’t cry.” He continues. “I got in the car and drove home to finish the album.” The music video picks up from this encounter, features some pretty cool, confident ladies who, definitely appear empowered and, strong of mind. It is the ladies who call the shots in this video, they plainly, mean business and hold no prisoners. Trying to get off with them is really, going to take some doing before they show a glimpse of their softer sides. Try as he might, Martin Johnson is up for the challenge.

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