Alexx Mack

Photo: Jared Kocka

It’s been a few months since we first engaged with rising pop starlet Alexx Mack via her boptastic electro pop diddy “Bad”. You know something, I find this track too good to fly under the radar over the likes of current pop babes of notice Carly Rae Jepson, Hailee Steinfeld, Meghan Trainor et al, so I’m just gonna bring it all back into your attention some more!

Hey look it is my opinion that Alexx can shape and sing out a shiny pop tune as good as the rest and best of them and actually Alexx appears all in, a vivaciously fun kinda gal moreover.

So seemingly those few short months ago “Bad” was tester pressed and now is doing the rounds as the introduction to forthcoming debut EP “Like We’re Famous”, dropping imminently.

It may take a while yet for Alexx Mack to be firmly living out any pop star dreams dreams she might have. However, she’s given herself an impressive heads up with “Bad”. Which if it goes on to receive the appropriate level of promotion it so deserves behind it, should do well in securing favour within pop-centric appreciating audiences.

Infact, this should happen on its radio-friendly appealing sound alone!

Shoot to the video on this, where Alexx goes all out sassy to the power of minxy! In bringing the track’s living in the moment concept to life, we see Alexx inflicting some of her flirtatious fun antics on an unsuspecting door-to-door salesman. Although, I think you’ll all see that as this visual plays out to it’s conclusion, it was first the intention of the handsome dude who stepped up to Alexx’s door to bring the book of revelations to Alexx’s attention. Only the whole situation seems to have been quickly put in reverse. As it certainly appears this particular messenger got more than he bargained for in visiting Alexx’s abode that’s for sure.