Photo: Leonard Canneto

Obsession alert! Obsession alert! Clear the decks for Kelly Sweet, she brings exquisite celestial entrancement with sound factors of Kate Bush, La Roux and Ellie Goulding.

We will go no further until we discuss this first; as the dearheart of my latest alternative pop music infatuation champions a biography so inspirational that it’ll completely have you weeping in admiration of her.

Oh but the sublime, stylish and astrally up-reaching vocals, melodies and visuals of “Ashes Of My Paradise” could not be more sincere, impassioned or harbour such passionate intensity than through the challenging life experiences Kelly has been dealt. It is incontestable also that together with her strength of natural talent and the exemplary neat production throughout this entire performance that “Ashes Of My Paradise” could result in anything but exceptional pop music making.

Everything about this is all sensory beautiful – FACT.

Conclude that I am very keen to hear more from Kelly and hurrah we are in luck, as Kelly’s same titled album “Ashes Of My Paradise” will follow later this year.

Double hurrah – two suitably spiffing remixes of  “My Amazing Grace” and “Sirens” both tracks that will form part of the album are to be found for FREE Download on Bandcamp.

Experience  and  indulge!

Kelly Sweet

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