As they step into the release of their debut EP the Danish/English duo of Slowes share a fine specimen of indie steeped electronic pop by way of lyrically earnest track “Anymore”.

I’ve been told that we’re jumping in on the end of a trilogy of videos from these two. To my mind though, they’ve saved the best to last. I quite consider that the visual for “Anymore” stands up on its own two feet pretty confidently, that I’m not feeling any loss of bearings in the unfolding story its telling. All of which will become all the more obvious by giving a cheeky click of the play button.

What I can say about “Anymore”, is that it runs a bit of a differing pattern in sound than the mainstay of Slowes material to date, which largely concentrates on a framework of dreamy, off-kilter tones. On “Anymore” the duo come through with a sheen of Empire of the Sun about them in the sound stakes, exhibiting a touch of soft electronic vibes which wouldn’t be out of the place making their way onto the dancefloor.

Preceding videos “Heartbreak: again” and “Times” can be viewed here