Berlin 1

It was only recently that I waxed lyrical about the defiantly roaring magnetism of 80’s spawned synth pop band Berlin’s latest ferociously electro-amped production “Animal”.

The badass beast has now materialised regaled in video format also.

As I am given to understand by one of my music friendlies and contacts who also happens to have mentioned to me that they have been quite the fan of Berlin for the duration of their career span :- on their information “Animal” is the first real pucker Berlin video that Terri has appeared in for many a moon cycle. Infact, I was lead to believe as far back as “You Don’t Know”!, which in the UK came as the follow on release to “Take My Breath Away” and one that I owned, played, and cherished myself.

So from video settings of the aircraft hangers in the 80’s, Terri tears it up past the noughties and re-emerges into the 21st century teens sweating it up in an S & M dungeon in Los Angeles amidst a throng of people of all ages enjoying their animal natures.

You can deduce from that, we are in for some hot and racy viewing time! Not only is Terri looking her hot mama bestest, the cast also includes guest appearances from RuPaul’s Drag Race Alum Raven and her sister Indica together with the queer nun DeMencha from the leading-edge order of human rights activists “The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence”.

As the lights spark on, it’s a freakin zoo in there with all those animal natures indulging in writhing and contorting their way to the surface.

An orgy for the eyes and orgasmic to the ears. If this is what it’s to be like when Terri hasn’t put out a proper video for a few years, I say I can’t wait to see the next one when it drops, say like in 5 years time! In the duration I’ll see myself through by generously playing my export copy of this synth thunder-bolt, of electro rock popping awesomeness that equates to the “Animal” album