Can I just state, cowboy movies are not to my taste. I have never liked them, and never will, so I thought. Strictly the clip for “Afterlife” which I am sharing with you here is a music video, but you understand, the principle remains the same. IAMNOTSHANE has thrown a spanner in the works. The LA-based alt-pop singer has done the impossible. Dude has properly given my laughing muscles a workout with his surprisingly satirical, cowboy movie-themed music video for his new release.

I suspect I speak for most people, that we’d unlikely expect a soundtrack for a cowboy-themed music video not to be full-on dance-pop with house-style beats. It is best, we recognise IAMNOTSHANE is nothing like your ordinary pop artist. Yes, he is serious about the music he is making and sharing with us, but he adds in an unconventional twist of unpredictably in his work. And, it is this which is igniting the excite in me.

With a song which is called “Afterlife“, you would also assume the lyrics would touch on the sombre and melancholy mood. I think you might be getting to know after all I have said about the track so far, that in fact, the flip-reverse applies.

Here is IAMNOTSHANE on the track, so we can make sense of what is going on here…

“‘Afterlife‘ is an acknowledgement that we’re all gonna die. I think it’s healthy to think about death, how we are spending our time and the plausibility of spending an eternity with someone you love. The video is a satirical take on violence and how much time we waste fighting with each other. I’d rather us all get along and dance instead.”

In IAMNOTSHANE I really connect. I switch on my TV, scroll through my social media, and keep up to speed with the world news and more often than not, it is not the best reading. Music can be salvation, this is definitely the case with me, as I am sure it is for many other people. Apologies IAMNOTSHANE I know you wanted me to hate your music. (Check out the beginning of the video clip, this find out why this is.) I can’t help but love, your vision and the angle you are coming from. You are simply my favourite kind of quirky.

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