Wulfy is a pop newcomer with the world at her feet. In fact, you could say she is not putting just one foot forward but two stepping ahead into a career encompassing acting and singing at the same time. Despite her tender years, this multi-talented starlet has built quite an enviable resume which boasts featured appearances in music videos for the Temper Trap and TV commercials. A spell in the musical Billy Elliot. 2018 is the year which sees’s the youngster go full steam, fulfilling ambitions, first landing the coveted role of Camilla Young in the Disney TV show “Penny On M.A.R.S.” While simultaneously launching into the world of pop music by way of bubbly debut single “Adore.”

This song is not in any way an emotionally, deep song, but has some serious cuteness factor. Exudes feel-good energy with a bright and bubbly allure, much like the singer herself. It is totally about a topic which is most important to the majority of teenagers and 20-year-olds, that of experiencing the electric connection of being head over heels in love for the first time. Let me tell you, the upbeat, melodic song is also spreading a joyful smile across the face of this review writer, who is thirty years Wulfy’s senior. It just goes to show, that the kidadult never leaves you and heart can still burst with happiness in the same way as when you were that teenager, beginning to map your life.

The accompanying video clip traces the singer enjoying a day out visiting her favourite places. The visual certainly helps to connect with the singer’s fresh appealing, magnetism. From the cute wiggle in her hip when she dances to the beautiful beaming smile spread across her face. The feeling of pure joy is evident, sweeping across the board in this delightfully charming first effort from the pop newcomer. Given time, there’s future hope from this encouraging introduction Wulfy will have the metal to storm the dancefloor, yet.

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