Mr Ricky Martin has premiered the new video to his latest latin hot sizzler and introductory track to his upcoming album.

The track in question “Adiós” which was shared with us a few weeks ago receives a full-on cinematic treatment which steps back in time to the 1930’s and sets up in Harvelle’s speakeasy club in California.

Harvey Wallbangers and burlesque glamour take centre stage on the video short which features Ricky taking on the roles of a Bartender, Policeman, Bouncer, Mobster and Cabaret Singer.

Yeah Ricky’s devilishly handsome chops pop up every which way you look in this video and that is in no way a complaint, it just means our eyes have been on stalks 5 times more, as ooo Ricky does wear a suit so well, even when in the name of music video’s he’s behaving badly.