Anna Renee is an L.A. based singer / songwriter and actress who first began forging a music career for herself a couple of years ago, after reaping success as the executive producer of an award winning musical web series “Destroy the Alpha Gammas” which she also starred in.

As can be assumed this was a great launch-pad for Anna, giving a fully encompassed taste of what it is to be involved within the creative arts industry. Rather than breaking away down one avenue of expertise, Anna is going for the triple.

Anna’s style is that of dark, emotive pop cusped with mesmerizing melodies, fancifully delicious enough to touch base with our emotions and toy with them in a very memorable manner. As is much the case with new single “Addicted To Heartbreak” and all the sonic lushness and poignant intensity that emanates from it.

Caught up in the life pattern of thrill seeking addiction. The video acts to translate these themes in a wholly enveloping fashion where we see Anna cast as a femme fatale smooching up with a line-up of suitors, only to lose sight of what it is that she’s really searching for. No-one sets out to get their heart broken but Anna’s character can’t see her way out of helping herself, she’s so entangled within her emotions for her own good.

It does all make for a charismatically compelling heartbreak pop ballad and intoxicatingly addictive viewing though.