Clay gave us a very impacting and arena sized introduction with “Stay Calm!” earlier this year. You really couldn’t help but notice them in as much it was literally smashing through dynamics yet the synth work in it was so tasty even against the heavy trashes of indie-rock styled melody. Truth is we bit the bullet and threw caution to the wind on that one. Even so “Stay Calm!” had something stirring in its favour too hard for us to ignore. Namely the allure of the electronic elements within. It served to cut an impression alright, but now those underlying attributes are snatching front of stage in Clay’s developing style of music make-up and they are placing the band on a much more even keel with their musicianship. Much as with the new single Clay has turned in called “6AM”.

There’s no colouring the facts. It’s been a rough night for Joe Harvey, Clay’s front man and songwriter. He’s ventured out into the heart of the city on a night out and over-indulged on the sherberts. By the look of his antics he’s trying to drown out something bad that has happened and so as not to spoil any further we’ll leave our thoughts on the video abruptly open-ended there.

We will return to the song though, which is rife with upbeat melody interspersed with jaunty synth hooks in place. Gleaming with a sense of hypnotic giving interest amidst the deliriously darker themes of the song.

This may be a truer capture of what Clay are settling into going forward and if it is, we possibly will be casting an ear and eye over them some more.