The guys of The Young Professionals are a reincarnation of Midas. Every song those boys put their hands on turns into pure gold, even if they didn’t write it! This is no exception with their latest from the Remixes and Covers compilation “Lux 400 (Lorde cover)

Now, those who are into Lorde realize that a lot of her sound is quite melancholy. When The Young Professionals took their disco powers against her hit song, they managed to take the slow hit and inject a little thing called life into the love song. The emotion of the track completely changes with the tempo change. It’s as the lovers in the song are motivated to run the world together, unlike the original having to hide their relationship by escaping though windows in the middle of the night. The pulse that TYP delivers met with classic Lorde lyrics brings a synergy to the track that just elevates the song to the next level.

Accompanying the track is a classic, black and white, live shot video showing you what the guys of The Young Professionals do best, make us move. While I sit here longing to be in the crowd in the video and awaiting the new full length album, take a look at the video below.