by Jordan Meehan

Over the last few days I've been rolling around in my iTunes library giving a listen to a lot albums that I've been neglecting. Among them is David Bowie's "Earthling" album, which is a stellar album full of hard electronica mashed up with rock music. What does this have to do with what I'm about to talk about? Very little. However! Giving these old albums a listen has made me wonder what I really look for in the future in electronica music, and what I've discovered that I'm looking for is something with a rough, hard sound with a bit of a cosmic twist.

Well apparently the benevolent electronica gods heard my plea and delivered unto me Warren Nomi's new song "The Rush." Let me tell you guys…this song is something else. The beat pounds, the synths roar and Nomi's vocals enter your brain in a way that just makes you wanna dance in the most inappropriate ways. It's perfect. It's kind of like a Depeche Mode song with sledgehammering dance beats.

Give it a listen right now on Soundcloud!