It’s been awhile since I heard from Canadian songster Vivek Shraya (MySpace), but I’m quite happy to find out that he’s been a busy bee.  Not only did he put together a music vid-e-o to synthy and dreamy track "Power" he has also been working with French label KUSKUS to release his single "If We’re Not Talking" on June 30th which includes remixes by by Rodion and Ben Mono. 

I really like "If We’re Not Talking" – I like it how Vivek gets his falsetto on in this quirky track and the remixes really bring that something different to the table, making it head-boppingly enjoyable.

Check out the Rodion remix to "If We’re Not Talking" below and if you’re a member of the EQ Facebook Group, you’ll be able to download it for a limited time from tomorrow.  In the meantime, get updated and take a listen and a looksie into Vivek Shraya’s electronic world of wonderment below.

If We’re Not Talking – Rodion Remix

Power – Music Video