In today’s fast-paced world, it seems as though the tradition of observing Sunday as a day of rest is slowly fading away. However, having moments to relax and reflect is a great way to recharge and dream about the future. Speaking of dreaming, have you heard of the talented Canadian DJ Kardano? He’s known for producing energized dancefloor bangers. Similarly, he also knows how to switch things up by incorporating chilled tones and lyrical narratives that evoke escapist traits. His debut album, “Art of Tones,” released in 2022, is a perfect example of his versatility. The debut also features softer, smooth and chilled beat-making, adding another dynamic to his impressive house-styled repertoire.

Kardano’s latest album is a must-listen for anyone who loves a good dance beat. With his signature sound that perfectly balances house music and electro-pop, this album is an invigorating listen. What’s more, Kardano has collaborated with 8 emerging singers, each bringing their own unique vocal style to the mix. The result is a one-of-a-kind collection of music that’s sure to get you moving.

With the album out already, Kardano is now sharing remix packages of their tracks, including “Sunday Morning” featuring Pinkee Skylark. The remix I am sharing exclusively on the blog is a cool electro-house rework by Melleefresh, the label boss of Play Records. (Check out our Interview with Melleefresh here)

But why stop at remixes? Why not consider a remix video also?

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Today, I am sharing the first play of the music video. The remix video is eye-catching. It features award-winning video artist Jason J Brown‘s technicolour visuals. The video is a visual extravaganza, a mix of animated and reality styles. The kaleidoscope of neon colours, coupled with a montage of wellness activities in the video, will suitably inspire your future Sunday indulgences in a fun and exciting way. Moreover, the ambience created is like living in a candy-coated, funfetti world!

All in all, in addition to Jason’s cartoon-esque graphic elements, Pinkee Skylark’s eclectic mix of cotton candy hair and child-like party frocks makes the clip quirky cool, exuberant and just plain fun to watch.

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