Long time readers of EQ, already know that I have a teeny obsession/guilty pleasure with the music of Sergey Lazarev. 

Well guess what – your favourite Russian pop superstar has a new video and you get to hear all about it – lucky you!

The premise – well it would seem that Will Smith wasn't the only one left in New York City when the zombie-esque virus took hold in "I Am Legend".  Apparently their was a Russian pop superstar and a lonesome girl (who is quite good with firearms) who also survived and found love against all the odds – all the while, not bumping into Will Smith at all – incredible huh?!

Watch it all magically unfold Hollywood big budget sytle in Sergey Lazarev's new video to "Find Me". Sergey decided to release his new single in Russian too – which is a bit of change from his normal English pop stylings, but nevertheless, the video is top-notch and entertaining – I think you'll love it.

And thanks to Tiffany K. from the new EQ Facebook Fan Page who eagerly and swiftly told me all about the video being online – thanks gurl!