KCAT picked a lovely day to premiere her new video!

Check out the brand new video to "Boys Don't Cry" which features our fiesty little lady taming some rather muscular hardbodies into submission until they weap and tremble – my kinda girl.

We'll be featuring an exclusive interview with KCAT in lead up to her single launch on January 31st so stay tuned for that – but until then, enjoy KCAT's great new video.  As a big fan of KCAT's, I'm chuffed at how well it turned out!

After the jump – KCAT discusses the concept of the video

KCAT explains the concept of the video to EQ…

The concept of the video of “Boys Don’t Cry” is a combination of both performance and story-telling visuals. The performance side of the video introduces me as a new breed of artist. I portray myself artistically and creatively through my style, personality, and also through movement. This is highlighted using shapes, fashion stances and poses, along with attitude within the choreography.

The styling of the video chosen shows edge and femininity, which is displayed using a lace cat-suit, feather eye-lashes and electric-blue coat. We also went for small beauty shots to show more intensity and glamour. The choreography concept stems from fashion, using movements that involve posing. We also used movements that suggest using props which are imaginary, like a street mime.

The concept of the video introduces men that work in a very masculine environment, yet still appear to be crying, expressing their feminine side which gives emphasis on the lyric of the song “boys have pride, real men cry”. This leads us to the title of the song and gives meaning as to why metaphorically speaking “boys don’t cry”, but men do, because "they got nothing to hide".

All in all it was important for me to have a debut music video that was not too complicated, yet effective enough to give more meaning and impact to the song. I wanted a video which would help me stand out and present myself to the world by showing them what I am capable of as an artist.