Van Go Lion

Sadly this is tale is not of new, new tracks from one of our favourite synth pop duo’s Van Go Lion, but more of three swansongs in celebration of what Amy Paige and Josh Loerzel achieved over the past four music making years together.

As a duo they have called time on this project and as of now are no more, for the full story in flow check out Amy’s little chat with our friends over at Popservations.

We can take heart however, as there is a new lifeline shortly to take off for vocalist Amy Paige within an exciting new project to keep your eyes peeled upon and that’s popped up on Facebook entitled Sobriquet.

What remains though, is that Van Go Lion produced amongst some of the best synth pop we have had the pleasure to enjoy over the past few years and by way of a parting gift they share three tracks they had in waiting rather than see them being lost forever within an dusty archive somewhere.

Tracks On Repeat” brings to light the subtle ethereally shimmery ballad side of Van Go Lion that would have up until now remained hidden for eternity but it is quite the endearing shining diamond of accomplishment when you give it a go. Whilst both “When The Truth Hurts” and “Words” deliver upon the familiar up-tempo synth disco that we have been in adorance of, since when we first heard this band.

Van Go Lion invite you to lavish yourselves – All three of these tracks are available as FREE download.

We thank you for the music Van Go Lion in this synth pop legacy, play upon play we’ll remember you fondly.