Since it seems that 2013 is all about EDM, it seems only fitting that our next artist feature from Uniform Beat should be a prime slice of EDM from Adam Rickfors. Now I will be perfectly honest, I’m not the biggest fan of EDM. Perhaps it is because EDM is the latest trend in mainstream pop (I stopped liking dubstep when Britney Spears released Hold It Against Me after all…), but by and large I find most EDM to sound similar and not very distinctive. Alas, every now and then some DJ comes along to prove me wrong and boy do I love those days! This, my darling EQs, is one of those days.

Colors by Adam Rickfors and Marilyn simply isn’t your average, run of the mill EDM banger. This catchy little tune is something I refer to as “EDM that is too good to actually be EDM” (I’ve never actually referred to anything as that, but you get my point). What sets Colors apart from the rest of the EDM crowd is the fact that it strikes the perfect balance between a pumping, club-ready house banger and a sweet, melodic pop song. Although many DJs try to achieve a balance like this, so many fall short and wind up spewing out the same banging club track that we’ve been force-fed by David Guetta since 2009, but with a harsher breakdown.

This track from Rickfors is just different because it strikes that delicious balance perfectly and winds up being what so many DJs strive to create. It sounds a bit like a close cousin to a track from Zedd’s new album Clarity (the title track comes to mind), which is a pretty lovely sound to have achieved. I also expected the music video, since the song is called Colors, to simply be colors flying around everywhere, and much to my surprise it was far better. It’s a simple video with an eclectic flair to it that can only be described as 1990s goodness mashed up with some amazing visuals. If this is the future of EDM, then the future is looking bright.

Stream Colors (and the remixes!) and check out the music video here: