We’re finishing off our hugely exciting Uniform Beat week with three extremely talented and dynamic artists, Mayka, Mr. Bubblehead, and Artymove. Each brings a different aspect of electronic music to the table, from bass-heavy electro, to urban-infused dubstep, to soothing deep electronic music. Today’s feature is like a gourmet three course meal of Swedish power pop music and you’re going to love it.

Mayka’s latest single, Can’t Stop, was recently released with a slew of diverse and danceable remixes that are sure to add a unique pop to your weekend playlist. With remixes from Joey Massa and Panik Disco (and several others), Can’t Stop has a retro, almost 90s, sound to it with a healthy dose of modern dance flair that makes for quite an interesting piece. Stream the track below, we guarantee that you’ll be saying you “cant stop” listening to it. Get it?

Mr. Bubblehead’s latest track, Love Somebody (feat. D.O. of Art of Fresh), is a fascinating mashup of sounds that takes dubstep to a level I personally haven’t seen much of. The lyrics are upbeat, positive, and refreshing and are a bit reminiscent of Where Is the Love from the Black Eyed Peas with a more optimistic twist.

The song itself takes from different aspects of electronic music, from dubstep to glitch to bass music and is infused with a healthy dose of urban dance beats. On the surface it sounds almost like a Frankenstein monster of a song, but ultimately makes for an irresistible sound. While there is certainly a lot going on with this song, it all culminates in a smooth, catchy chorus that ties everything together. Keep an eye on Mr. Bubblehead, especially if you’re interested in dubstep and glitch music, because something tells me he’ll keep turning out monster tunes like this one.

Last and certainly not least is Artymove, who recently released an EP entitled So Real, which is an incredible piece of deep electronic music and a refreshing change of pace from all the strictly dance and EDM music we’ve featured from Uniform Beat this week. The EP opens with the title track, So Real, which is a slow, soothing track that sounds a bit like Adele if she experimented with electronic music and burns along with a soulful melody. The EP continues on with In a Jar, a fun little tune with a soulful chorus that will make you just want to bop and sing along. It’s a simple track that delivers just enough and still makes you want more.

So Real concludes with a more uptempo track, The World is a Dancefloor, which is just as disco and fabulous as the name makes it sounds. It fuses together vintage disco and funk with modern deep electronic music effortlessly (with a sound a little reminiscent of Bright Light Bright Light) and makes you want to dance, plain and simple. Overall the EP is a dynamic, excellently crafted piece of deep electronic music that goes back to the roots of great dance music and puts a modern spin on it. You won’t want to pass on this one.

We hope you enjoyed our week-long exposé of Uniform Beat and their incredible artists! This mighty little label has certainly proven that you don’t need a major label to produce major electronic dance hits. We’ll certainly be keeping our eye on them and their amazing roster of artists, and we hope you will be too! Be sure to stream Can’t Stop, Love Somebody, and So Real – EP below: