Somebody please – sign this kid right. fucking. now.

I'd like to introduce you to Joel Dobbins.  I've been listening to his album "Investment" for about a week now and it's one of those albums that you weren't expecting to be good, but quite surprisingly, it's beyond brilliant.

Take a listen to key tracks like "Tears Of Joy", "Origami" , "Does Heaven Have A Flag" and "Life On Paper" and you'll be asking yourself "Why haven't I heard of Joel Dobbins before?"

In his bio, he said that he also recorded this album in like two weeks.  What?  Are you kidding?  Kid – that's talent.  You can't bottle that.  He's like a new Casey Stratton.  He's got the X-Factor and then some.  

So if you're a major label that's looking for something fresh.  Check out Joel Dobbins on Myspace now.

I'm sure you'll be just as blown away like I was…