Sheesh, last week was crazy in the world of EQ.  We reviewed two live gigs, got slagged off by one of our favourite pop blogs, then asked to do a guest column for another one of our favourite pop blogs – The Hot Stuff files, had a massive dinner party on Saturday, churned out one of the most biggest projects we’ve ever done at work, got a nasty virus on one of our PCs, saw the bootylicious movie ‘300’ and had to endure all of this without the presence of our little honey who was in Italy all week.  It’s time to rant peeps…

  1. This morning we be-bopped all the way to work listening to Antigone’s ‘Funky Dancers’.  If you haven’t downloaded this track, you need to do it now over at  Also, we are meeting up with Antigone this week so email us any questions you want!
  2. Switch 22 and The Electric Dolls are collaborating on a very cool track that is in the works at the moment!  We can’t wait to hear how it turns out!
  3. Robyn’s album is in the shops today – it’s brilliant, go buy it today.  We are also going to pick up Patrick Wolf’s album as we finally get him too – we saw him perform on some Channel 4 show and he reminded us of Tom Bailey from The Thompson Twins, so he gets our music allowance this week too.
  4. Dangerous Muse are doing a free show in NYC on April 10th – visit their MySpace profile to get added to the guestlist! 
  5. Siobhan Donaghy is confirmed as headlining the next Popjustice show in London along with BWO!  Yay!  It’s about time for her to take to the stage again.  We were buying manila envelopes in Rymans today and heard ‘Don’t Give It Up’ on the radio – we shrieked with joy.
  6. We’ve discovered new electro kid on the block – Steve Peters.  Truth be told, we actually used to go to high school together!  Check out his MySpace page and take a listen to a few of his tunez.
  7. We also discovered Sirupop – a cool Austrian pop band that Claudia of the EQ Sugamamas used to go to high school with – take a look at their MySpace page!
  8. On the latest edition of the Scissor Sisters podcasts, you can get an inside look at how the video for ‘She’s My Man’ was created – this was very entertaining and the little Del Marquis bit is just so adorable…we have a little crush on him. Go subscribe to the podcast via iTunes now.
  9. Darren Hayes newsflash – The first official single from ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’ will be ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’ which will be released worldwide in July.  This is a fantastic song choice for the first single and we can’t wait until the album comes out on August 23rd.  A new song ‘Who Would Have Thought?’ will also debut on his MySpace soon…keep an ear out EQs.
  10. And finally we leave you with a video blog from Pedro Loves You.  Good mates Pedro and Louis went to see Switch 22 in New York City and Pedro had this to say about them along with his fabulous do’s and don’ts for restaurant dining…

Coming up tomorrow…The EQ interview with Reuben Butchart!