Those Electric Dolls have been quiet for awhile, but it’s all part of the master plan that Lynsey Shaw and her new line-up of Electric Dolls have been preparing in their electro toy factory.

The fantastic ladies recently did a gig a Popshow and sang their EQ Number One single ‘Baps R Bakin’ along with their new tune ‘Love Me Long Time’ which was a real treat from what we hear.  Recently they updated their MySpace Page with video of the performances and we think you’ll agree with us that this is what Gwen Stefani wishes she was doing now instead of singing about 4 in the morning.

The Electric Dolls are on fire once again and we can’t stress to you how much they need to be on your radar.  They give ‘camp’ and ‘girl power’ the re-invention it needs.  It’s about time and long overdue.

Baps R Bakin
Love Me Long Time